Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

why we dont love audrey?

theres no reason to not loving this adorable woman, as i can say 'i lovee audrey hepburn for godsake'. she's picture of everlasting beauty, longlasting classy style, and figure of inside beauty indeed. well, should i tell more?
big ♥♥ to audreyyy!! :D

how we spend an afternoon

this afternoon i have no idea to do,so me and my bf going to watch some movie and chitchat ing in one of famous junkfood restaurant. well i love spending whole time with my bf, we talk about cross over, war, our jobless time (haha yes we are jobless, well, i still peeking for an internship and my bf just graduate from college), and i just thinking about learn how to photograph something in some other point of view. so this is some picture i catch between swiss mushroom and 9/11 tragedy :D
okay the last one its not mine, its my bf's hahaha. well today was awesome! have a good day fellas. oh,yes, i just planning to make other photo session with my sweety friend! and im working on the concept right now :)) wish me luck and staytune for the result :DD. see ya!

Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

when you say

actually this is my old stock photos, never post it before :p

guys, it is sunday

yes! its sunday, happy sunday everyone! well, i did drop by to video ezy (yes i am 'still' a member and still rent bunch film from them) to return some film i rented, and i find some old indonesian movie (not that 'old' maybe).. its "arisan"!
its a film by nia dinata (one of the greatest) tell a story about high society in jakarta and the drama inside it.. i love this film, although it is not my top5 favorite movie,but i pretty love it. well looks like im gonna spend 
my night watching this stunning movie :)), hope i dont wake up late tomorrow :) good night!
and oh, yes, i remember, my bf just return my 'sixtysix' vcd. hooah after a longtime he borrowed from me.. and actually never watch it, till i force him to watch or i take it back. haha sound scared right? but i have to, because its such a GREAT movie, yes guys, its great! one of my favorite, i beg you watch it! :DD

this blog pretty much good, as i can say its brilliant! :D you also can download wallpaper for your desktop, theres some illustration from, well i can say great illustrator! hehe 
you should check this out, will ya?? :))

here some picture, (well i do command+shift+4) :p

and here is my wallpaper right now :D

500 days of summer

i really LOVE zooey deschanel! cant wait for her new film! psst i really love watching moviess like to die for! :D

the art of body language

i love when people can show how they act with their body language, and i love my friends ema anindia helping me for this project. This project is also being one of my portofolio. FYI this is my 7th semester in college and i have to take the intership program, thats why this photo belong to my portofolio too. hehehe