Selasa, 29 September 2009


im feeling happy today for A good news ☺☺


Senin, 28 September 2009

in the middle of the night

after i post my last post ↓ (yes this one), i am thinking about my new interest in poster layout, its not really my "new interest" cause i already have it in my assignment, but i do some other work and (maybe) i will post it.. hihi okay! well, its getting late now, i am soo xx tired,,, soo catch up later and have a good night and good dream fellas!


is not to late

will ya??

Kamis, 24 September 2009

up to date?

they were one of my "so long" artworks,
and some tribute to audrey hepburn and sophie ellis bextor,
these ladies are my favorite all the time :)

Jumat, 11 September 2009

all time favorite

elle&vire unsalted/salted butter♥♥

Selasa, 08 September 2009


im not your enemy.
im just trying to be just fine with other people (and be nice).
i love have a good relations with others (not BAD relation).
so please, im not A super freak mean woman, i just want everything to be just fine 

something make me feel really pissed today :(

lovely late lunch

as i told you before, i have an awesome lunch couple days ago, its acctually a choco restaurant.i love it cause its brand new, so the place dont have so many guest. Anyway, since i dont have other thing to tell ya here's some picture i catch :)
exotica choco ice cream!! yummy! although im not a big fan of chocolate :D
her's :)
i have such a wonderfull evening that day :DD

well, today i just stay at home, helping my mommy baking and cooking :) hows yours??

Jumat, 04 September 2009

nighty night

today i've been soo happy, first,, after i finish my thing, i go to meet my dad and sister in hospital for my daddy medical treatment, after that me and my sist drop my daddy home and go for late lunch, such a give, we find a new restaurant nearby and its gorgeous yet affordable!! i love it!, and the other lovely thing is at night, me and my fam going for dinner together!! oh i miss the old time, cause lately all of us been a bit busy with our thing. well now i just got home and deadly tired,since i dont post anything lately, i really want to upload some of picture today,, but, maybe later :p hehe afterall i really love my family and really enjoy all of familia thingyss :)) night everyone!

Selasa, 01 September 2009

♥ puppies

i love animal really much, esp dogs.. this picture aren't mine, i just cant stop looking all of this picture, these puppies are super cuttee! love them! i want have one, but i already have 2 super great dogs and i dont want give another mess for my home gehehe :), when i was a kid, i wish puppies can always be a puppies, i wish they dont grow, and they keep their supercute tiny little face gahaha thats soo silly! :DD well take a look guys! 
awww aren't they superlycute??? :DD

without you is

its rainy outside, currently i feel grey when its rain.
hello, i miss you

the picture isn't mine, you can get it here

Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

why we dont love audrey?

theres no reason to not loving this adorable woman, as i can say 'i lovee audrey hepburn for godsake'. she's picture of everlasting beauty, longlasting classy style, and figure of inside beauty indeed. well, should i tell more?
big ♥♥ to audreyyy!! :D

how we spend an afternoon

this afternoon i have no idea to do,so me and my bf going to watch some movie and chitchat ing in one of famous junkfood restaurant. well i love spending whole time with my bf, we talk about cross over, war, our jobless time (haha yes we are jobless, well, i still peeking for an internship and my bf just graduate from college), and i just thinking about learn how to photograph something in some other point of view. so this is some picture i catch between swiss mushroom and 9/11 tragedy :D
okay the last one its not mine, its my bf's hahaha. well today was awesome! have a good day fellas. oh,yes, i just planning to make other photo session with my sweety friend! and im working on the concept right now :)) wish me luck and staytune for the result :DD. see ya!

Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

when you say

actually this is my old stock photos, never post it before :p

guys, it is sunday

yes! its sunday, happy sunday everyone! well, i did drop by to video ezy (yes i am 'still' a member and still rent bunch film from them) to return some film i rented, and i find some old indonesian movie (not that 'old' maybe).. its "arisan"!
its a film by nia dinata (one of the greatest) tell a story about high society in jakarta and the drama inside it.. i love this film, although it is not my top5 favorite movie,but i pretty love it. well looks like im gonna spend 
my night watching this stunning movie :)), hope i dont wake up late tomorrow :) good night!
and oh, yes, i remember, my bf just return my 'sixtysix' vcd. hooah after a longtime he borrowed from me.. and actually never watch it, till i force him to watch or i take it back. haha sound scared right? but i have to, because its such a GREAT movie, yes guys, its great! one of my favorite, i beg you watch it! :DD

this blog pretty much good, as i can say its brilliant! :D you also can download wallpaper for your desktop, theres some illustration from, well i can say great illustrator! hehe 
you should check this out, will ya?? :))

here some picture, (well i do command+shift+4) :p

and here is my wallpaper right now :D

500 days of summer

i really LOVE zooey deschanel! cant wait for her new film! psst i really love watching moviess like to die for! :D

the art of body language

i love when people can show how they act with their body language, and i love my friends ema anindia helping me for this project. This project is also being one of my portofolio. FYI this is my 7th semester in college and i have to take the intership program, thats why this photo belong to my portofolio too. hehehe 

Kamis, 09 April 2009

some velvet morning

what are you doing here my love? can you come a little closer. or you can just go and leave me with my unperfect thing. cause it still blur. and i like it the way it is.

goodbye paul varjak

the moody one wouldn't go. so come and catch up next time please. au revoir

about party girl dont cry

i dont know what i thinking about when i say "party girl dont cry" 
but as i know now it becoming a title of my illustration album for about 1 year telling about a (always) girl with their party attitude.
well i did a little illustration too..
anywayy im not a party girl actually, but it such a fun illustrating something that you dont
dont ya thinkk? :))