Minggu, 16 Mei 2010


peeking for my final project assignment

"Its okay to not being the best, as long as you do the verybest by your ownself, that show your mindset and how you work"

ivana christine
Jakarta, Indonesia

meet my twins

yes, i do some photoshop, trying to learn digital imaging,
in the middle of my final project assignment *sigh*
its scare yet exiciting doing this final project
sometimes i feel bored, happy, passionate, and lazy at the same times, HOAAAA this final project really killing me softly *hikss*
but after all, i always feel thank and surprise knows that i am already doing this f.p
i am THIS CLOSE to be S.sn WOYAYY! :D

forgive my bad DI skill, for i still learning it ;) *nyehee*

byee people

ivana christine

Jakarta, Indonesia